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Please complete the following forms to participate.


You will be asked to sign a release form for the cats' surgeries and agree to have the cats/kittens ear-tipped in order to participate in our program.  Ear-tipping is a universal sign for a sterilized cat that is being cared for by someone.  It is performed under sedation while the cat is sterilized.  You must also sign a "Trap Loan Agreement" if you wish to borrow our humane traps.  Our traps will not be used to transport any cats or kittens to the Humane Society for any reason.  Please provide an electronic signature with today's date and then submit to Save a Kitty Feral Cat Program.  Your name and information will be added to our "Surgery Waiting List" upon receipt of ALL required documents.  Save a Kitty FCP provides payment for sterilization, rabies and upper-respiratory/distemper vaccines.  Any other service provided is at the cost of the caretaker.  Please be patient.  We will contact you prior to your turn.  Thank you.

NOTE: Save a Kitty CP does not sterilize OWNED or PET cats or kittens.  Certificates are available through your local humane society for your pet cats.

I agree my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature on this Agreement.

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